iPhone Logic Board Repair for Liquid Damage

October 26th, 2012

Today we are extending our Mac logic board repair service to iPhones.

We now provide Liquid damage iPhone Repair. The service is a flat $69.95 including parts and labor. If we can’t fix the board, there is no charge. The service includes sending a box for your device.

Full details can be found at the link below:

iPhone Logic Board Repair Service

2 Responses to “iPhone Logic Board Repair for Liquid Damage”

  1. Louis Janssen says:


    I have 4 repairs that I would send in to You , if possible! ( i,m from Belgium)

    I have experience with iphones but I don’t have the tools for changing chips on Iphone logic boards

    3 iphones have water damage, They got completely cleaned and the defective parts where changed with new parts. (Logic boards where cleaned with isopropanol)

    This is probably what should be done:

    1x Iphone 4s 16gb, works perfectly, says he’s charging when in charger or PC, but the battery will not charge (I think it’s the power management chip)

    1 x iphone 4s 16gb “everything works but no backlight, backlight ic probably

    1 X Iphone 4 32 gb, everything works , but no picture, so backlight ic?

    And then I also have a 4th Iphone who was just dropped (no water damage) I have tested everything but it seems completely dead, yet everything looks ok from the motherboard (it’s an iPhone 4). Any idea what that might be?

    Can you repair this for me ? Is it ok if I only send the logic boards ? And how long would this take



  2. Bradley says:

    @ Louis – Please email our repair department at repairs@powerbookmedic.com and they’ll be able to assist you with how to proceed with your repairs.

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