Technically Nuts – A New Mac Podcast

December 8th, 2009

A couple of weeks back, two of our top (and oddest) techs, Shawn and Kyle, asked if they could do a podcast on all things Mac and Apple related. I agreed, and our podcast, Technically Nuts, was born.

In order for this podcast to work, we need user input. We need questions, comments, and suggestions.

If we use your question in our podcast, we’ll give you $25.00. If we use your comment, we’ll give you $10.00. We’ll take a few questions and comments in each podcast, and we hope to have at least one podcast per week.

Submit your questions or comments to

The Technically Nuts podcast is now available on iTunes at:

The podcast is embedded below and is also available from the link below:

Podcast 1 – Technically Nuts – Meet the Nuts

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2 Responses to “Technically Nuts – A New Mac Podcast”

  1. John Hines says:

    Hey guise! What’s goin on? I don’t have to work on Macs very often, but when I do… Well… I spend a lot of time on Google. So my question is, what kind of parts are proprietary to Mac? Can I just drop in some RAM that I have handy? Can I use a hard drive that I’ve already got assuming I format it correctly? What are the hardware interchangability limitations?

  2. MacDillon says:

    If I modified my CPU to run through my PMMU, directly to the AV output using A2DP, would I hear my data calling?

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