This is an official take-apart video for the iPod Touch 2nd Gen with model number A1288.

old schoolmom

4 years ago
I tried to reset my daughters iipod touch and now it wont come on and a scull appears ,, what do I do?


4 years ago
How do you replace the headphone board and is there any soldering involved? Thanks in advance for your input.


4 years ago
Hi, I just restored my 2nd generation iPod touch and now I can't get the "Edit Home Screen" pop up window to disappear. When I connect it to different speakers other pop up windows will pop up and I am able to dismiss these windows. After dismissing the new pop up windows the Edit Home Screen window comes back. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


5 years ago
i have a problem when i open my 2nd generation ipod connect to i tunes what would i do


5 years ago
I have an ipod A1288 and it's password locked and disabled. I am unable to restore it through restore screen or the other way. Also keep getting an error 3014 and tried everything to bypass the error code. Any other way to unlock myour ipod??

Powerbook Medic

6 years ago
@Christina - The power button and the power cable are in the part list to the right.


6 years ago
If I were to do this. Where could I get a new power button to put in?

Syble Mullany

6 years ago
Appreciate you sharing, great blog.Thanks Again. Cool.
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