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Liquid Damaged iPhone? Try out our iPhone Liquid Damage Repair Service . If we can't fix it, you don't pay!

The iPhone is Apple's journey into the smartphone market. The iPhone took the world by storm in 2007 and became the "must-own" gadget that year. Each year brings a new revision that only improves on the greatness of one of the best inventions in human history.

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Model and Parts Model # Repair Guide
iPhone A1203 Video
iPhone 3G A1241 Video
iPhone 3GS A1303 Video
iPhone 4 A1332 Video
iPhone 4S A1387 Video
iPhone 5 A1428 Video
iPhone 5c A1456, A1532 N/A
iPhone 5s A1533 N/A
iPhone 6 A1549, A1586 Video
iPhone 6 plus A1522, A1524 Video

iPhone Take Apart Videos

This series of videos shows you how to disassemble and perform iPhone repair on the various models.

Send-In iPhone Repair Service

Not up to self Repair? We can repair it for you. The cost for a repair is $35 labor + part cost. Shipping is free, and we'll even send you a box. For more info, visit our Mac Service Center. You can also call us for an estimate or to schedule a repair at 866-726-3342.

Customer Testimonials

"I've been in the somewhat unique position to have broken every generation iPhone. My first generation had an unfortunate mishap with water. It fell in the toilet to be exact. My 3G dropped onto the floor and busted the glass digitizer, and my 3GS met a similar fate in the hands of my toddler except that it cracked the LCD Display that time. Every single time I've come to the guys at PowerbookMedic for their expert iPhone Repair knowledge. I've been able to repair two of them myself, and when things were too dicey on the third, I sent it to them to get repaired by a professional. I can't say enough good things about this company and how they've helped me bring my gadgets back to life!"

Matt (Chicago)

"You guys are great! I'm a very picky shopper who shops around to make sure I get not just the best price, but the best value as well. Your send in service was fantastic. I had my cracked iPhone up and running in just a matter of days for the fraction of the cost of some other outfits."

Jessica (New York)

"When I dropped my iPhone I was heartbroken. It's really sad to find out how much you depend on a device until it's gone. PowerbookMedic fixed it up right and fast. Thanks Guys!"

Michael (Los Angeles)