This is an official take-apart guide for the iPhone 4.



6 years ago
Hi there if I put my SIM card in my iPhone it tells me that no service I don't know why please can you help me with it


6 years ago
Hey just bought my iPhone4 model A1332 I accidentally erased all my settings now it says I should set up iPhone using iTunes if Wi-Fi network is not available. do I do that please assist me step by step


8 years ago
Thank you so much for this artelci, it saved me time!

Santiago Deldonno

8 years ago
I am glad to read about someone else's opinion. I completely agree and I look forward to seeing more of this content in the future.


9 years ago
it's not usful i need any thing


9 years ago
Iphone 4 will not turn on any help

Powerbook Medic

9 years ago
@mac - it should be printed on the sim card tray or in the settings about screen if the phone is operational.

mac biukoto

9 years ago
where could i find my serial number on a1332
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