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This is a VST Dual battery charger/conditioner for the Apple Powerbook G3 Lombard/Pismo. This will work with all of the batteries manufactured for the G3 Pismo/Lombard including Apple # M7318. The item is model SCHG32. This is one of the only (if not the only) place you will be able to find this item. (This part does not include the AC adapter. It uses the same adapter from your current powerbook, or one can be purchased from our website.
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Models Model Numbers
Powerbook G3 Lombard 14.1" 333MHz G3 (M5343) - Mid 1999 M7304LL/A
Powerbook G3 Lombard 14.1" 400MHz G3 (M5343) - Mid 1999 M7308LL/A
Powerbook G3 Pismo 14.1" 400MHz G3 (M7572) - Early 2000 M7630LL/A
Powerbook G3 Pismo 14.1" 400MHz G3 (M7572) - Late 2000 M7711LL/A
Powerbook G3 Pismo 14.1" 500MHz G3 (M7572) - Early 2000 M7633LL/A
Powerbook G3 Pismo 14.1" 500MHz G3 (M7572) - Late 2000 M7712LL/A

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