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This is a MacBook 13" 2.0GHZ Core Duo logic board replacement. This is a pull. This will work in both the black and white MacBook 13" units.
There are two different revisions of this board. The physical difference is the earlier 661-4219 and 661-4220 model uses all 4-wall socket type connectors, while the 6613964, 661-3983 and 661-4219-R use both 4-wall and 3-wall type connectors. You can see images of the two types of connectors in the detailed images. You can also check the serial number on your logic board and use the last three characters to match what you need to the EEE codes listed above.

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Apple Part #:
661-3964, 661-3983, 661-4219-R, 661-4220, 661-4219
Manufacturer Part #:
820-1889, 820-1889-A
EEE Codes:
661-3964:   TYU, VZ1
661-3983:   VMC, VZ2
661-4219-R:   WSV, XOV, XOY
661-4220:   WXT, WXU, X0X, X0Z
661-4219:   WXR, WXV, X0V, X0Y
Compatible With:
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Mac Repair Tool Set
60 Day PowerbookMedic Warranty
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MacBook 13.3" 2.0GHz Core Duo (A1181) - Mid 2006 MA255LL/A

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