This is an official take-apart manual for the Power Mac G5 with model number A1047.



2 years ago
The videos for this have gone missing.


8 years ago
This will not work with mine. The heat sink blocks will not come out. The right hand side will lift up about an inch, but the left won't move. I just can't remove them. Any help?


11 years ago
i can't stop thanking you guys for doing this ...thanks thanks thanks did i thank you guys as yet ok thanks


13 years ago
Very good,i'm looking for a tutorial to take off thr power supply of a powermac G5 bipro 2x2ghz serie A1047 thank's

Powerbook Medic

13 years ago
@cm - no, it wouldn't be compatible.


13 years ago
could one upgrade to intel processor without buying a new motherboard

Powerbook Medic

13 years ago
@Kent - as soon as we get one donated or sold to us, we'll put up a video on it.


13 years ago
Very helpful videos. Can you please post Power Mac G5 for Dual core take apart guide? As I having a problem removing the processor due to middle screw at the middle and I need to take apart guide for power supply. Thanks!
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