This is a video manual for the 17" Aluminum Powerbook.



6 years ago
What would it cost to have the DC IN board replaced in 17" PowerBook?


7 years ago
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8 years ago
thank you


9 years ago
Hi, I bought a 1 GHZ 17" PowerBook for $20 and it does not have RAM..I powered up the laptop and there is no video display. Does the laptop need RAM in order to display video, or is it a video card issue. I am planning on buying it from this website but don't want to spend the money on RAM if the problem doesn't have to do with RAM. Thanks


9 years ago
I'm trying to find where the Hall sensor (lid close sleep sensor) is on the A1139 (DLSD/Hi-Res 17" PowerBook G4). The magnet is along the top edge of the display a couple of inches from the left edge, but I don't see anything in the case indicating the board. Any idea where it is? Thanks.

Powerbook Medic

11 years ago
@nosound - if it lets you adjust the volume, it may just be a speaker issue. You may want to go inside and reseat the connections. Otherwise, I'd start by replacing the sound board.

No sound guy

11 years ago
I am looking at you video on sound repair because i have none on my 17" g4. I went into setting and adjusted the sound but still no sound. I am not certain whether it is the card or the assembly, how can i determine this?

Blair Carmichael

11 years ago
Its alive! You helped me save may PowerBook G4!
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