This video will show you how to replace the glass assembly in a Unibody Macbook and Macbook Pro.


Powerbook Medic

8 years ago
@Ray - it's a little tricky to check, but it's a good idea. You just need to be careful not to get any dust inside.


8 years ago
Question, Is it a good idea to check to make sure everything is working before replacing the glass panel?


9 years ago
Thanks .,, Good Job


9 years ago
he looks rough on the display


10 years ago
How would you take off the old screen with a hair dryer? What kind of hair dryer?


10 years ago
Alll clear, but: how to remove the glass when it`s broken ? The suction-cup does not work then ! So howto ?


10 years ago
My screen glass adhesive is getting old and the glass is starting to come "peel" off the computer and I plan to replace the glass. Would it be a better idea to just replace the adhesive? Also, do you have to remove the display from the computer when you are only changing the glass and not the LCD?


10 years ago
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