This take-apart guide is for the 17" MacBook Pro.



2 years ago
hello, do you know where are the power pads on this mother board? my power button doesn't work anymore, but I know there are pads somewhere that connected to ground for one second will start the mac. thank you

Powerbook Medic

8 years ago
@Dave - Carefully is the best answer. I'm not sure which cable in particular you are having trouble with. Most either snap back on or slide in.


8 years ago
The connectors come off the logic easy enough, but how are they reconnected once the logic board is replaced?


8 years ago
Why does this video not work?


8 years ago
It's hard to come by well-informed people about this subject, however, you sound like you know what you're talking about! Thanks

Powerbook Medic

9 years ago
@Burnett - there are so many possibilities including software, RAM, hard drive going bad, CPU or GPU overheating, etc. It may be best to take it somewhere to get professionally diagnosed.

Burnett Hinds

9 years ago
my macbook pro is freezing up how to diagnose problem?

Daniel York

10 years ago
I have a 2008 17 in Mac Book Pro. Working fine but the heat issue they all have, I closed the top it went to sleep... For good... Wont start, Chime or anything. I held down the power button and you could hear the hard drive start to spin up for about 3 seconds then with your ear to the computer can hear a faint beep and goes off. Pulled the ram 1 at a time and even switched them to see if that might be the problem. With both out it made a loud beep about every 5 seconds. Help... Do I need a new hard drive, Mother Board, Ram... Also what about the fans. Being 6 years old now do they need replacing? I will call you tomorrow so this may get answered but I am stuck. Thank you and thank you for the great videos you provide on this site. I work in Haiti and will need to order what you suggest to fix this computer.
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