This is an official Take-apart guide for the iPod 5th Gen also known as the iPod Video.


Powerbook Medic

5 years ago
@Andy - You may have bought a battery made for the larger capacity iPods which are slightly thicker and won't fit in the 30GB back case properly.


5 years ago
Replaced battery, now the top and chrome back are separating on one side. How do I fix?


6 years ago
is there a batt inside that can be replace I charge it but it does not last long


7 years ago
I have an iPod 5th Gen Enhanced 30GB that turns on, hold a charge, screen lights up, I select music and artist but get nothing soundwise - both from jack to earbuds and from charging end when plugged into speaker


8 years ago
I have been looking for a battery for my iPod model no. A1136 it's a 80 GB and don't know if they ones sold here willfo because they are 30 GB and 60 GB can some one tell me if these will follow it?


8 years ago
My iPod 5th generation will not charge. When plugged in to the wall outlet , it attempts to turn on but says please wait very low battery.


8 years ago
Thanks, I will be back at the end of the month to get the parts I see you have listed.

Powerbook Medic

8 years ago
@Mason R. - that typically means it is having trouble loading the operating system. your hard drive could be corrupt and needs to be restored or is defective.
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