This is the official take-apart guide for the iPad 3rd Generation.


5 years ago
I am bidding on an IPad 3rd Gen that is Activation Locked. Is there any way to unlock it so that I can use it ? The auction also says: "IMEI number will not be provided for iPads being sold for parts" It does however work.


7 years ago
I used the hammer before and it did not work too, so it is a good idea not to use it.... that was funny


9 years ago
I love the take-apart guides from powerbook medic. But this one is not a good one. Sorry

Powerbook Medic

10 years ago
@abarcarigo - if it's a problem with the connector on the logic board, then you'll need the logic board.


10 years ago
the cord that connect LCD with with Logic board is not making any contact, do I have to replace the whole Logical board? or can i just replace the cord it self?

Powerbook Medic

10 years ago
@Bones - yes, you can.


10 years ago
Can you replace a Black Glass Digitizer with a white one?


10 years ago
the adhesive I have been using and works great for the ipoad,ipod touch and mack book bezel is called Contact Stik made by DAP you can get this at HomeDepot the scew number is 7079801215
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