This is an official take-apart guide for the 17" iMac with model number A1208.


5 years ago
初めての利用で不安でしたが、梱包の丁寧さ、手書きのお手紙ナド…素晴らしいスタッフさんの対応ありがとうございました!! 今までの購入SHOPの中でNo.1です。 今後も利用させていただきます。


6 years ago
Hey there, I was wondering do you consider guest posters. I have been writing on this subject for quite a while now and would love to share my thoughts. Thanks.

Powerbook Medic

8 years ago
@erik - with a used part maybe, but I would definitely consider putting it towards a newer iMac since it is a fairly old model.


8 years ago
is it worth replacing the screen on a iMac model number a 1208


9 years ago
Great videos , to the point. I owe you a lunch !

Powerbook Medic

10 years ago
@salim - we sell parts in the list to the right


10 years ago
sir i need only screen in india were i will get it

robert then

11 years ago
screen replacement vedio the best
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