This is a take-apart guide for the 1st gen Amazon Kindle ebook reader.


Powerbook Medic

10 years ago
@John - you may just want to send it in for us to do for you. we unfortunately aren't able to provide any more repair instructions than the video.


10 years ago
@John Hull - If you fold the button in, you will see two white tabs. They are the only white tabs visible. You bend to unsnap them from the frame. Then the front bezel is loose. Unfortunately, we are not making a reassembly video for Kindles at this time.

John Hull

10 years ago
The video is great about taking apart the kindle "I need to replace screen." When you push the white pieces down for the next page previous page to come out. exactly where and what do you push down. Can you be more specific? I am sure it is clear to most people, but I will end up breaking something unless I am clear. eg: push the white plastic part down that is below the metal that it clips to, gently prying it away from the metal clip so it will release. ( sort of example). I spent an hour extra clipping in a flex keyboard light piece due to no experience. All comes out fine, just takes time to get experience. Now a big request which I would find to be a lot. So many pieces come out at the end, would you post a starting video of reassembling the kindle with pointers on how to get the pieces in the right place and putting the parts back in? Also reviewing any potential pitfalls. I realize this is somewhat over the top, but I am afraid I might need help in starting out until I get most of it fitted back together properly. I am doing this for myself and for my son's kindle repair. I will look on net/u tube now and post site if found. Your site and parts are excellent and I'll be back. Thanks in advance for you excellent video and great site. John -

Dan Huth

12 years ago
Hi.. It's really neat that someone would put a page like this together. I volunteer at a thrift store and am trying to fire up a D000111, so I was just looking for a manual to page thru. I've turned on the switch on the back, held down ALT and pressed aA--(after a charge from the USB cable) but nothing! I hate throwing it away, as the only thing wrong with it might be me. Anyway...great page. And a great 2012 2U. Dan