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This is a replacement modem for the Power Mac G4, Powerbook G3 Lombard, and iBook Clamshell.
Apple Part #:
661-2186, 661-2324
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Models Model Numbers
Power Mac G4 1.0GHz G4 (M8493) - Early 2002 M8667LL/A
Power Mac G4 350MHz G4 (M5183) - Late 1999 M7826LL/A
Power Mac G4 400MHz G4 (M5183) - Early 2000 M7628LL/A
Power Mac G4 400MHz G4 (M5183) - Late 1999 M7824LL/A
Power Mac G4 400MHz G4 (M5183) - Mid 2000 M7891LL/A
Power Mac G4 450MHz G4 (M5183) - Mid 2000 M7892LL/A
Power Mac G4 466MHz G4 (M5183) - Early 2001 M7627LL/A
Power Mac G4 500MHz G4 (M5183) - Early 2000 M7629LL/A
Power Mac G4 500MHz G4 (M5183) - Mid 2000 M7893LL/A
Power Mac G4 533MHz G4 (M5183) - Early 2001 M7688LL/A
Power Mac G4 667MHz G4 (M5183) - Early 2001 M7945LL/A
Power Mac G4 733MHz G4 (M5183) - Early 2001 M7681LL/A
Power Mac G4 733MHz G4 (M8493) - Mid 2001 M8359LL/A
Power Mac G4 800MHz G4 (M8493) - Early 2002 M8705LL/A
Power Mac G4 800MHz G4 (M8493) - Mid 2001 M8360LL/A
Power Mac G4 867MHz G4 (M8493) - Mid 2001 M8360LL/A
Power Mac G4 933MHz G4 (M8493) - Early 2002 M8666LL/A
Powerbook G3 Lombard 14.1" 333MHz G3 (M5343) - Mid 1999 M7304LL/A
Powerbook G3 Lombard 14.1" 400MHz G3 (M5343) - Mid 1999 M7308LL/A
iBook G3 12.1" 366MHz G3 (M6411) - Late 2000 M7721LL/A
iBook G3 12.1" 466MHz G3 (M6411) - Late 2000 M7720LL/A

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