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This is a 50-pin hard drive enclosure for 1.8" iPod Hard drives made by Toshiba. It comes with a standard USB interface. It comes with the case, cable, instructions, and enclosure. This is compatible with any 1.8" 50-pin Toshiba Hard Drive
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Product Compatibility

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Models Model Numbers
iPod 1st Gen 10GB M8709LL/A
iPod 1st Gen 20GB M8513LL/B
iPod 1st Gen 5GB M8513LL/A
iPod 2nd Gen 10GB M8737LL/A
iPod 2nd Gen 20GB M8738LL/A
iPod 3rd Gen 10GB 1.8" M8976LL/A
iPod 3rd Gen 15GB 1.8" M8946LL/A
iPod 3rd Gen 20GB 1.8" M9244LL/A
iPod 3rd Gen 30GB 1.8" M8948LL/A
iPod 3rd Gen 40GB 1.8" M9245LL/A
iPod 4th Gen 20GB 1.8" M9282LL/A
iPod 4th Gen 40GB 1.8" M9268LL/A
iPod photo 30GB 1.8" M9829LL/A
iPod photo 40GB M9585LL/A
iPod photo 60GB M9586LL/A

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