Bong No Video...Probably Logic Board...Thoughts?
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Author:  truthmechanic [ Tue Dec 19, 2006 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Bong No Video...Probably Logic Board...Thoughts?

The LCD on my Pismo was cracked, but stable for 6 years. I finally bought a new one from Powerbook medic. Prior to purchase, I needed to find the brand of the LCD so I followed the instructions in the take-apart guide. After identifying the brand of the LCD, I put the laptop back together, but my display was now black. I had the computer set up for and connected to a second monitor, and that would not work either.

I received the new LCD recently and replaced it, but the laptop screen is still black. The green power light is also dark.

I zapped the PRAM a few times to no avail.

The unit is certainly booting and going through Disk First Aid; I know those hard drive sounds when I hear them.

The battery for the unit is long dead, so it requires A/C to power up.

Wondering what went wrong when I performed the initial screen brand identification. The first time around, I removed the processor, as that appeared to be necessary from reading the take-apart guide, and I'm wondering if I messed something up down below when prying the processor out. Also wondering if taking the processor back out and then putting it in again might help any.

I initially thought my problem was the inverter board, as one of the connections appeared to be a bit bent, but after reading posts here it appears that would not be the case, because the screen isn't dim.

Thanks for any insight.

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