Below you will find explanations of our repair policies.
Free Diagnosis
Our Free Diagnosis Service can not be combined with our Free shipping options. After diagnosis, should you choose to not have your unit repaired, there will be a $15 shipping charge to ship the unit back via UPS Ground or $35 if you chose the 3-way option.

Non-Contact Policy
If you have not contacted the service department within 30 days of a service person contacting you via phone or email, your unit will be placed in our storage facilty. If after one year you still have not contacted our service department, your unit will be considered abandoned and become the property of

International Surcharge Fee
Given changes with international shipping policies, international repairs will incur a $50 surcharge fee in addition to the cost of parts and our standard labor fee.

Shipping Times
Boxes for the "Ship Me a Box Options" will ship out the same business day if the order is placed before 2:00CST. Otherwise, the box will ship out on the next business day.

Bad-Box Policy
When using a self-ship option, if we receive a box which is poor quality or size and can not be reshipped for insurance purposes, you will be charged a $10 bad-box fee. This fee covers the cost of a new laptop shipping container. An appropriate box must meet all of the following requirements: have at a minimum 2 inches on every side of the machine dedicated for padding material, can not be in a one time use box (USPS Flat Rate / Mailing Boxes, white Fedex Boxes, UPS Paks, etc), cannot be an oversized box, or cannot contain heavy duty case or you will be charged a $10 fee. This fee is not negotiable if any of these requirements are not met.

Non-Send In Policy for "Ship You a Box" options
If a repair is scheduled using either "Ship you a Box" option, then, LLC will ship you a box using the method you chose when scheduling your repair. If within 7 business days after receiving your box you have not shipped your machine to us (verified by tracking # of the return label), you will be charged for both the shipping charge and the box. The ground shipping charge is $15, the Overnight shipping charge is $35, and the box fee is $10. So, if Ground with box is chosen, and you do not send your unit in within 7 days of receiving the box, the charge would be $25. If Overnight with box is chosen and you do not send your unit in within 7 days of receiving the box, the charge would be $45.

All components used in the repair of your unit as well as labor are warrantied for a period of one year. If within a period of one year, a component fails, will replace that component at no charge. (Defective components are classified as items that mechanically malfunctioned NOT as a result of user error. User error is classified as damage from the result of the user dropping, spilling, or in some way altering the original state of the component.)

If the unit is returned for an issue not relating to the original repair, standard repair costs including shipping will be charged.

If within a period of 14 days after receving your unit you discover an issue with the repair, will pay for the return shipping to us using the same method originally chosen for the repair. If after 14 days an issue with the repair is found, the customer is responsible for shipping the unit back to us.

To schedule a warranty repair you need to contact the repair department at or 1-866-726-3342 x703.

Data Policy is not responible for any data on your machine and can not guarantee the privacy or security of your data. It is the customer's responsibility to back up any data prior to shipping a unit in for repair and to remove any data that is of a secure or private nature.

Logic Board Repairs
By sending in your logic board, you agree that the board you are sending is defective and not some other component. All boards sent in that are able to be repaired will be charged the logic board repair fee which includes a board reflow and cleaning.

Return Shipping
All return shipping methods include tracking information, insurance, and require a signature on delivery. Make sure someone is available to sign for the package. If it is not signed for, it can be held up at the UPS facility, rerouted to a new address for $10, or sent back to us which we would charge for reshipping.

Abandon Policy
Any repairs that are awaiting a response or payment from the customer for over one year will be considered abandoned and will become the property of After this time, the device will not be returnable under any circumstances as it will most likely be disassembled and used for parts.