Powerbook G4 Titanium


The Powerbook G4 Titanium, the first in the line of Powerbook G4s came in three different models.

The initial models were the 400/500 VGA.

The second models were the 550/667 VGA (with Gigabit Ethernet)

The third models had a DVI video output and speeds of (667/800/67/1ghz).

The Titaniums are easily distinguishable from the Aluminum models as they have a grey case and a black keyboard whereas the Aluminum models have a silver keyboard.

The hinges in this model were very poorly designed and it is a common point of failure.

Powerbook G4 Titanium Model #s and Speeds

Model # Make Specs
A1001 Powerbook G4 Titanium 15.2" 667MHz G4
800MHz G4
A1025 Powerbook G4 Titanium 15.2" 1.0GHz G4
867MHz G4
M5884 Powerbook G4 Titanium 15.2" 400MHz G4
500MHz G4
M8407 Powerbook G4 Titanium 15.2" 550MHz G4
667MHz G4