iPhone and iPod

There are a number of different flavors and sizes of the iPhone and iPod series of devices

The easiest way to identify your type is by the model number.

The model number will be written on the back case of the iPod and should be easy to identify.

iPhone and iPod Model #s

Model # Make Specs
A1019 iPod 2nd Gen 2" 90MHz PP5002
A1040 iPod 3rd Gen 2" 90MHz PP5002
A1051 iPod mini 1.67" 80MHz PP5020
A1059 iPod 4th Gen 2" 80MHz PP5020
A1099 iPod photo 2" 75MHz PP5020
80MHz PP5020
A1136 iPod 5th Gen Enhanced 2.5" 80MHz PP5021C
A1137 iPod nano 1.5" 80MHz PP5020
A1199 iPod nano 2nd Gen 1.5" ARM
A1213 iPod touch 3.5" 400MHz ARM
A1236 iPod nano 3rd Gen 2" ARM
A1238 iPod 6th Gen 2.5" ARM
A1285 iPod nano 4th Gen 2" ARM
A1288 iPod touch 3rd Gen 3.5" 533MHz ARM
A1318 iPod touch 3rd Gen 3.5" 800MHz ARM
A1320 iPod nano 5th Gen 2.2" ARM
A1366 iPod nano 6th Gen 1.54" ARM
A1367 iPod touch 4th Gen 3.5" 1.0GHz A4
A1421 iPod touch 5th Gen 4.0" 1.0GHz A5
A1509 iPod touch 5th Gen 4.0" 1.0GHz A5
A1574 iPod touch 6th Gen 4.0" 1.4GHz A8
M8541 iPod 1st Gen 2" 90MHz PP5002

Model # Make Specs
A1203 iPhone 3.5" 400MHz ARM
A1241 iPhone 3G 3.5" 400MHz ARM
A1303 iPhone 3GS 3.5" 600MHz ARM
A1332 iPhone 4 3.5" 1.0GHz A4
A1349 iPhone 4 Verizon 3.5" 1.0GHz A4
A1387 iPhone 4S Sprint 3.5" 1.0GHz A5
A1428 iPhone 5 GSM International 4.0" 1.0GHz A6
A1429 iPhone 5 Sprint 4.0" 1.0GHz A6
A1456 iPhone 5c Sprint 4.0" 1.4GHz A6X
A1522 iPhone 6 Plus Verizon 5.5" 1.4GHz A8
A1524 iPhone 6 Plus Sprint 5.5" 1.4GHz A8
A1532 iPhone 5c T-Mobile 4.0" 1.4GHz A6X
A1533 iPhone 5s GSM Unlocked 4.0" 1.4GHz A7
A1549 iPhone 6 Verizon 4.7" 1.4GHz A8
A1586 iPhone 6 Sprint 4.7" 1.4GHz A8
A1633 iPhone 6s AT&T 4.7" 1.8GHz A9
A1634 iPhone 6s Plus AT&T 5.5" 1.8GHz A9
A1660 iPhone 7 Sprint 4.7" 2.3GHz A10 Fusion
A1661 iPhone 7 Plus Sprint 5.5" 2.3GHz A10 Fusion
A1662 iPhone SE Unlocked 4.0" 1.8GHz A9
A1687 iPhone 6s Plus T-Mobile 5.5" 1.8GHz A9
A1688 iPhone 6s Verizon 4.7" 1.8GHz A9
A1723 iPhone SE Sprint 4.0" 1.8GHz A9
A1778 iPhone 7 T-Mobile 4.7" 2.3GHz A10 Fusion
A1784 iPhone 7 Plus T-Mobile 5.5" 2.3GHz A10 Fusion
A1863 iPhone 8 Unlocked 4.7" 2.4GHz A11 Bionic
A1864 iPhone 8 Plus Sprint 5.5" 2.4GHz A11 Bionic
A1865 iPhone X Sprint 5.8" 2.4GHz A11 Bionic
A1897 iPhone 8 Plus T-Mobile 5.5" 2.4GHz A11 Bionic
A1901 iPhone X T-Mobile 5.8" 2.4GHz A11 Bionic
A1905 iPhone 8 T-Mobile 4.7" 2.4GHz A11 Bionic
A1920 iPhone Xs Sprint 5.8" 2.49GHz A12 Bionic
A1921 iPhone Xs Max Unlocked 6.5" 2.49GHz A12 Bionic
A1984 iPhone XR T-Mobile 6.1" 2.49GHz A12 Bionic
A2111 iPhone 11 T-Mobile 6.1" 2.66GHz A13 Bionic
A2160 iPhone 11 Pro AT&T 5.8" 2.66GHz A13 Bionic