iBook G4

The iBook G4 looks very similar to its predecessor the iBook G3, but has several key differences.

The optical drive on the iBook G4 is a slot loading drive as opposed to a tray loading drive.

The keyboard has solid white keys as opposed to translucent keys.

At the bottom of the display on the front bezel plastic appear the words "iBook G4" as opposed to just "iBook" G4 processor instead of a G3.

Availabile in 12" and 14" models.

iBook G4 Model #s and Speeds

Model # Make Specs
A1054 iBook G4 12.1" 1.0GHz G4
1.2GHz G4
800MHz G4
A1055 iBook G4 14.1" 1.0GHz G4
1.2GHz G4
1.33GHz G4
933MHz G4
A1133 iBook G4 12.1" 1.33GHz G4
A1134 iBook G4 14.1" 1.42GHz G4