iBook G3

The iBook G3, also referred to as the Dual USB, was the first iBook to sport a sleek white case.

As the name implies, The iBook G3 uses a G3 processor and has two USB ports.

Features that distinguish this model are a tray loading optical drive (CD / DVD / or combo) and the word "iBook" written on the front display bezel.

Available in 12" and 14" models.

iBook G3 Model #s and Speeds

Model # Make Specs
A1005 iBook G3 12.1" 600MHz G3
700MHz G3
800MHz G3
900MHz G3
A1007 iBook G3 14.1" 700MHz G3
800MHz G3
900MHz G3
M2453 iBook G3 12.1" 300MHz G3
366MHz G3
M6411 iBook G3 12.1" 366MHz G3
466MHz G3
M6497 iBook G3 12.1" 500MHz G3
600MHz G3
M8413 iBook G3 14.1" 600MHz G3