Google Nexus 10 Take Apart First Look

November 16th, 2012

Today we received and promptly disassembled the Google Nexus 10. In usual fashion we’ll release the take apart video next week, but wanted to go ahead and post the preliminary take apart steps and photos. The model we’ve taken apart is the 16GB Wi-FI model. Model # GT-P8110. One thing that struck us about this […]

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  1. 41
    Madmart Says:

    Hello Bradle
    I have the nexus 10, this tablet came with a manufacturing defect on the motherboard (this motherboard has a 32gb memory and apparently the problem is on de processor) I was wondering if it could be replaced by 16gb motherboard? because I have not found the 32 gb motherboard and only one available is the 16gb
    I await your prompt response

  2. 40
    Bradley Says:

    Only by changing the logic board.

  3. 39
    diego Says:

    Hey guys…
    Is it posible to change the flash Memory
    from 16 to 32gb ???


  4. 38
    larry Says:

    Could you please point out the NFC antenna? Is it very big?

  5. 37
    Eelke Folmer Says:


    This tablet is capable of providing haptic feedback but did you encounter a vibrotactor when you disassembled it?

  6. 36
    Inigo Says:

    The end of my story : finally PowerbookMedic made a whole LCD and digitizer assembly available for $200, which I have bought, and 2 hours after receiving it, my Nexus 10 is back to life :-) I always feel better after repairing something thas has broken down vs. buying a replacement, and the added challenge of dissasembling and reassembling a tablet has doubled the reward.

    Good luck everyone with your Nexus ailments!


  7. 35
    Inigo Says:

    Hi Bradley,

    I have a perfectly functionning Nexus 10 with a smashed glass. I’ve been looking for a replacement glass (or even a replacement LCD + digitizer as a second choice, which you have listed but out of stock) everywhere, and I can’t find anything.

    What would be my best move to restore this tablet?

    Anyone selling a non functionning Nexus 10 with a glass in good condition, please leave a message.



  8. 34
    Jasper Laguitao Says:

    Bro, I opened my nexus 10 tablet like what you did in your video but when I touched the black thing at the bottom of the battery. The One where it says (DONT TOUCH) , It wont open anymore

    WHat the hell is that black thing?

  9. 33
    Bradley Says:

    @ Aimee – Based on your description, it’s difficult to say. I’d recommend calling our repair center at 866-726-3342, option 2.

  10. 32
    Aimee Parks Says:

    I opened my tablet just now,I accidentally bumped the Black part. I dont know if thats the LCD, the black part on the lower part of the tablet. Now it wont open, so I think the problem is with the lcd. any thoughts?

  11. 31
    Bradley Says:

    @ Kim – We’d have to see the device to see what the issue is as it could be any number of things.

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