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Enter the iPad Giveaway

March 29th, 2010

Congratulations facebook fan Don M Oehlert! You won the iPad in our iPad Giveaway! The iPad Giveaway is officially over! In case you missed it, PowerbookMedic was the first company to do an iPad Teardown. The video is below: We’ve also opened the first iPad Parts Store. We’ve got all the replacement parts from the […]

14 Responses to “Enter the iPad Giveaway”

  1. 14
    iPad 3 Review Says:

    Is There a way to subscribe to your RSS feed? Thank You! :)

  2. 13
    Dee Says:

    I’m a twitter follower @atweetmom and I am tweeting. Used your link for Ustream and it says I’m following you. Guess thats how the RSVP works. :) Also, new FB Fan. Looking forward to seeing your video on the iPad. Love Mac!

  3. 12
    Jerry Lafferty Says:

    Just heard about you today, I have two broke down macs that I may be checking with you abot pretty soon. Following on twitter and tweeted your Ipad give away also fan on Facebook and Signed up on ustream and clicked the link to subscribe to the take apart video.Looking forward to a prosperous friendship with PowerbookMedic Thanks.

  4. 11
    abitnerdy Says:

    i am a follower & tweeted. Not sure if I RSVP correctly though, but am going to fan on facebook now :)

    I’ll be sure to recommend powerbook medic to friends and fam, who doesnt need a little computer help hey?

  5. 10
    Russell Andavall Says:

    PowerbookMedic Rock!!! I took apart my Lombard and a friends’ Titanium to replace the hard drives. I have used their instructions and bought hard drives, pram batteries, and accessories for my laptops from Power Book Medic. What a great site!

  6. 9
    Gary Says:

    I have used PowerBookMedic to get parts for all of my laptop repairs. Their take apart videos made the repairs a snap. It’s a winning combination-parts a a great price and tutorials to show you how to install. It has given this DIY’er the confidence and ability to make my own repairs (and save money in the process). Thanks PowerBookMedic!

  7. 8
    joel benay Says:

    Even if you don’t take apart your computers, powerbookmedic is fascinating – their takeapart videos really teach you about how your computers are built. Have followed the video and instructions on putting in a bigger hard drive in a laptop and it worked out just fine.

  8. 7
    Jeff Fox Says:

    I Came..I Saw..iPad

  9. 6
    Adeem Zafar Says:

    PowerBook medic seems to be an interesting website that provides detailed information for those who either need it or want it.

  10. 5
    Andrew Says:

    I really need this iPad.

  11. 4
    David DelMonte Says:

    Even if you don’t take apart your computers, powerbookmedic is fascinating – their takeapart videos really teach you about how your computers are built.

    If you do take apart your computers, you probably already know what an indispensable tool this site is.

    Great people too!

  12. 3
    Robin Cox Says:

    In sickness and health, but mostly sickness, Power book medic will be there for advise and guidance.
    Keep up the good work.



  13. 2
    Peter8900 Says:

    Power book medic is the place to get parts and instructions.

  14. 1
    Dennis Bergstrand Says:

    The place to get instructions taking apart your mac! and the parts

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