Over 1TB of Internal Storage for your Macbook or Powerbook

September 29th, 2009

Today we released a completely upgraded line of DualDrives that can more than double your internal Mac laptop storage capacity. The DualDrive adds a second internal hard drive to your Mac laptop by replacing your optical drive (your cd or dvd drive) With the DualDrive, it’s possible to get up to 1.5 Terabytes of storage […]

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  1. 43
    Bradley Says:

    There have been no heat disbursement issues with the DualDrive. If the drive is constantly seeking there will be more heat, but not a significant difference from a normal optical drive.

  2. 42
    tony Says:

    is heat disbursement from the DualDrive factored in? my concern is heat levels coming from the DVD drive that weren’t intended by Apple, therefore something (theoretically) could get more heat from an internal drive then it would from the DVD. Has that been considered?

  3. 41
    Bradley Says:

    The Unibody DualDrive has a SATA interface. The regular DualDrive has an PATA interface. An SSD will work the same in either the DualDrive or the main hard drive spot.

  4. 40
    Mitch Says:

    Does this connect via SATA? I’m planning on running an SSD, would I be better off installing it into the regular hard drive space or in the optical bay?

  5. 39
    Bradley Says:

    The MFR doesn’t matter as long as it is a 2.5″ drive 12mm in height or less.

  6. 38
    Jordan Says:

    What are the harddrive manufacturer options for the unibody replacement? I see both a WD and Seagate in the examples.

  7. 37
    Bradley Says:

    The 12.5 only works in the DualDrive, not in the main hard drive cavity.

  8. 36
    Thomas Says:

    does this mean all current macbook pros and the macbook can take a 12.5mm HD as an internal drive? does it fit without any changes/adjustments on the body?

  9. 35
    Bradley Says:

    You can purchase items from our website, and we ship internationally.

  10. 34
    Bradley Says:

    You would need a 2.5″ SATA hard drive for the bare unit install.

  11. 33
    Bradley Says:

    Do to the high amounts of fraudulent orders that originate in Malaysia, we no longer ship to that country.

  12. 32
    Ismail Salleh Says:

    There is no Malaysia in your international list. Kindly advise

  13. 31
    Ismail Salleh Says:

    International purchase. Where?

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