How to Replace the Unibody Macbook Glass LCD

September 25th, 2009

How to Repair Unibody Macbook Glass It used to be that if your screen cracked on your laptop, you’d just replace the LCD and be done with it. That unfortunately is no longer the case. With the introduction of the Unibody Macbook and Macbook pro models, Apple changed the design of the display assembly. Now, […]

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  1. 60
    vasya teh-pom Says:

    I’m broken my glass on macbook 13’3 unibody
    in the russia this glass 7500rub= 250USD. bad….

  2. 59
    Bradley Says:

    There is not a visible difference. As far as warranty issues, you would have to check with Apple Care as we have no affiliation with Apple Care.

  3. 58
    Nick Says:

    is there a visable differance for the glass screen or do you think it will void the warranty ( just replaceing the glass and not dissasembaling the whole computer)

  4. 57
    Bradley Says:

    Heat guns are available at most home improvement stores. A hair dryer may work but isn’t as powerful. Suction cups are available on our website. If you are not careful with a heat gun, then you can easily damage the LCD.

  5. 56
    bryan Says:

    where can i get a heat gun? will hair dryer do?
    where can I get a suction cup as illustrated?
    how easy is it to damage lcd with heat gun?

  6. 55
    Bradley Says:

    They are the same. The only difference is the word Pro.

  7. 54
    Will Says:

    I have a 13 inch macbook, but made a mistake by ordering the macbook pro 13 inch glass screen. Is there any difference? Can I just use the macbook pro glass?

  8. 53
    Bradley Says:

    If your LCD is working fine, then there is no need to replace it. In most cases, you only need to replace the glass.

  9. 52
    Chris Says:

    Just to reassure myself… my macbook glass is cracked and spiderwebbed. It will come off in pieces. However, the lcd screen shows no sign of damage and works just fine. In fact I have been using it for months(and right now) but I just now came across your site. (You guys are great) I just ordered your glass repair. If the lcd shows no problems now, then it should not need to be replaced. Right? Thanks in advance.

  10. 51
    Bradley Says:

    You can replace just the glass. You don’t need to replace the entire clamshell.

  11. 50
    Cristian Says:

    Only my glass screen is broken. Do I have to separate the clamshell or can I just remove the glass?

  12. 49
    Bradley Says:

    If you’re unsure, you could send photos to our support department, and they can let you know for sure.

  13. 48
    mustafa Says:

    how to find out whether only the glass is broken or the lcd is also damaged. there is no deterioration in the display as i view it?

  14. 47
    Bradley Says:

    They’re back in stock as of today.

  15. 46
    Hans Gerhard Meier Says:

    Can’t wait to get hold of your glass replacement. It’s out of stock, I’ve left my mail to be notified, but I can’t wait for an email so do you have a date Bradley?
    I’m in Norway, what’s your shipping cost and estimated delivery time?


    Hans g

    You guys do what apple sholuld do, save the planet from people trashing their mac’s just because one part is broken. Thanks!

  16. 45
    Bradley Says:

    Every situation is a little different, but the trick is to try to remove as much of it in one sheet as possible. The remaining pieces need to carefully be removed using a nylon tool or other safe object that won’t scratch the LCD. It’s also important that you clean the edges of the bezel from any leftover glass so that the new glass goes on properly.

  17. 44
    Kiel Says:

    When replacing the macbook glass and the glass is actually broken, do you have an techniques or any recommendations on how to make sure that when removing the glass you do not hurt the lcd

  18. 43
    Bradley Says:

    It is glass.

  19. 42
    Kiel Says:

    Is the glass replacement actually glass or plastic?

  20. 41
    Bradley Says:

    You shouldn’t need a replacement glass. The adhesive is pretty strong and should be strong enough to stick even after being removed. If it doesn’t you can get some double sided adhesive strips to reapply the glass. We’ll have those strips available on our site shortly.

  21. 40
    Paul Says:

    Hi. I have dented my Display Back Case on one corner. The machine works perfectly, it just looks bad. To replace the Back Case, i would have to remove the glass. Would this then require a new glass screen as the adhesive would be ruined?


  22. 39
    Bradley Says:

    It’s unlikely that this is just a glass issue. You likely have something else going on there and I’d recommend professional diagnosis. We do offer free diagnosis with our send-in service.

  23. 38
    xclot Says:

    Hey my macbook screen is cracked and if I don’t push on the screen it doesn’t work most of the time. There are no ink bloches anywhere does this mean that it is only a glass repair still.

  24. 37
    Bradley Says:

    You can do it without major issues. A few of the minor ones I can think of off the top of my head are.

    1.) Your top case could potentially get scratched when the lid is closed.
    2.) Dust and other junk could easily enter the display clamshell assembly.
    3.) It would be easier to break the LCD which is more expensive than a glass panel.

  25. 36
    Jim Says:

    I was thinking of removing the broken glass and using the MacBook Pro with replacing the glass? I realize the screen would look less glossy and also have less reflection. But are there other reasons NOT to consider going glassless? And if going glassless is OK, are there ways to make the LCD more secure/protected? And make it more attractive to look at? Any other advice here?

  26. 35
    Michael Gizachew Says:

    Well I must say that is some good news for my MacBook 13 inch fell and I cracked the LCD protector lucky me I did not touch the LCD. It is a great news thank you.

  27. 34
    Bradley Says:

    Yes it does come with the camera and microphone holes, just like the original.

  28. 33
    Nick b Says:

    Does the glass replacement (SKU17333) come with the little clear camera hole or watever it is? I still want to have the camera and microphone work.

  29. 32
    Bradley Says:

    Tuesday – Wednesday of next week (March 9th-10th)

  30. 31
    cc Says:

    Hello- do you have any estimated date that the glass only will be available again? Thanks!

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