How to Replace the Unibody Macbook Glass LCD

September 25th, 2009

How to Repair Unibody Macbook Glass It used to be that if your screen cracked on your laptop, you’d just replace the LCD and be done with it. That unfortunately is no longer the case. With the introduction of the Unibody Macbook and Macbook pro models, Apple changed the design of the display assembly. Now, […]

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  1. 30
    Bradley Says:

    You don’t have to remove the LCD to replace the glass. This video is showing you how to remove the glass and LCD and perform both repairs.

  2. 29
    henry Says:

    hey bradley, how come you have to remove the LCD when all your doing is replacing the glass screen?

  3. 28
    Bradley Says:

    We get weekly shipments of the glass panels. Demand is so high that we sell out quickly, however we’re getting larger quantities to avoid stocking issues in the future.

  4. 27
    Greg Says:

    When will you have glass panels available again?

  5. 26
    Bradley Says:

    You shouldn’t have to transfer the piece.

  6. 25
    Ernst Says:

    Hi Bradley, should I peal it off of the broken one or just leave it? By the way; when will the cover be available again? Thanks and best regards from Holland.

  7. 24
    Bradley Says:

    No, it does not.

  8. 23
    Ernst Says:

    Hi Bradley, does the glass lens cover for the 13.3 unibody MacBook come with the iSight metal thingies in the middle of the backside? Thanks for letting me know. Regards, Ernst

  9. 22
    Bradley Says:

    Yes it does.

  10. 21
    Bradley Says:

    Yes, we do take international orders and ship internationally.

  11. 20
    mrwhite Says:

    hey guys, i need urgently this glass for my 13ยจ macbook pro. recently i scrath de display but its still working perfectly… the question is. if you do international purchase or even if you accept international credits cards… i need to kwon this as soon as you can… thanks for all…

  12. 19
    Andrey Says:

    Dear Bradley,
    Does your glass come with the logo MacBook at the bottom of the bezel?

    Please let me know?

  13. 18
    Lisa Stolen Says:

    I just replaced the cracked glass on my 13″ MacBook without removing the display. It was slick. It took less time than watching the video! I didn’t have a suction-cup tool, but the heat gun and credit cards were all I needed. I’m sooooo glad it went well. It’s my birthday, so I thought Karma-wise it was an auspicious day to try. Thanks Powerbook Medic!

  14. 17
    Bradley Says:

    It would of course depend on the condition of the machine before, but if just the glass is damaged, and you replace the glass, yes it would look like new.

  15. 16
    Taylor Says:

    i have a macbook 13in if i gust pull the glass out and replace it with out removing the screen will it look like new and if not how.

  16. 15
    Alex Says:

    sweet :) having had a 12″ WXGA laptop before (Dell d430), I really would love more pixel real-estate on a 13″ screen. I guess I’ll check back from time to time.

  17. 14
    Bradley Says:

    You can view our Mac repair guides here.

  18. 13
    edwin Says:

    How do you get the display hinges loose from the main body because my led is also broke

  19. 12
    Bradley Says:

    It should technically be possible, but we haven’t tested it in the shop yet. We are actually in the process of testing this though, and should it work we’ll have them up on our store shortly.

  20. 11
    Bradley Says:

    Our 13″ Glass panels are actually glass. The 15″ is currently plastic but will be glass within 1-2 weeks. If Apple can tell you’ve been in the machine yourself, then generally that will void your warranty. If your glass is cracked however, that would also void your warranty.

  21. 10
    Bradley Says:

    The adhesive strips are built into the glass replacements, yes.

  22. 9
    Alex Says:

    Has anyone tried locating/sourcing a higher-resolution display for the MBP13? Would it be -technically- feasible to swap in a 1440×900 (WXGA+) screen instead of the current screen?

    Or is this crazy talk because some HW changes would have to be made for the laptop to recognize the higher-res screen?


  23. 8
    Tara Says:

    Hi, Is the replacement glass actually glass or is it plastic? Does apple void your warranty if you replace this yourself without an apple replacement part?
    Thanks so much!


  24. 7
    Liam Speirs Says:

    Hi does the glass replacement come with the adhesive strips to install?

  25. 6
    Bradley Says:

    All of our videos load with a 30 second buffer.

  26. 5
    Greg Says:

    Your video is killing me. Select a format that loads with a buffer. This is not working well with satellite internet.

  27. 4
    beginner Says:

    bradley: thanks for the response.

    tom: that’s very inspiring. i’m gearing up to make the purchase today. can you share what you used in place of the hairdryer? and how long did it take to loosen the adhesive and get the glass out? and did you manage it without having to separate the display from the rest of the case?

  28. 3
    Tom Says:

    Hairdryer didn’t work. Besides that, my screen was a bit cracked. But I did it! Piece by piece, but it worked without damaging the LCD.



  29. 2
    Bradley Says:

    You do not technically have to remove the display assembly from the rest of the unit to replace the glass. If the glass is cracked, then it may come off in a few pieces depending how badly cracked it is. It isn’t something to worry about, just be careful when removing the glass so you don’t cut yourself.

  30. 1
    beginner Says:

    hello, i have a macbook pro unibody 13 inch with a cracked glass screen. the lcd is fine and the laptop is working perfectly, so i am glad that there is a way to replace only the glass screen. i have two questions though before i purchase the glass screen from your site:

    1) your video does not show how to remove the lid from the hinge on the base, and i can’t figure this out from looking at the machine. does the lid not need to be removed if only the glass is being replaced?

    2) there are quite a few cracks running down the glass, and it seems likely that it will come apart when i pull up on the suction cup. is that not something to worry about?

    thanks in advance for your response.

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