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More Apple Parts from iPhone 5s AT&T (A1533)
GS32557 - Back Case, White & Gold
GS32563 - iPhone 5s Digitizer LCD Assembly, White
GS32569 - Button Set, Gold
GS32576 - Screw Set
GS32578 - EMI Shield Set
GS32580 - Volume Lock Hold Assembly Cable
GS32581 - Dock Connector, White
GS32585 - Camera, Front Facing
GS32588 - Camera, Rear
GS32589 - Speaker
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Similar Apple Parts to Back Case, White & Gold (GS32557)
GS32557 - Back Case, White & Gold
Most Popular Apple Parts for iPhone 5s AT&T (A1533)
GS32617 - Logic Board, 32GB, Unlocked
GS32616 - Logic Board, 16GB, Unlocked
GS32618 - Logic Board, 64GB, Unlocked
GS32613 - Logic Board, 64GB, AT&T
GS32578 - EMI Shield Set
GS32610 - Logic Board, 32GB, AT&T
GS32592 - Vibrator
GS32608 - Logic Board, 16GB, AT&T
GS32576 - Screw Set
GS32590 - Speaker, Earpiece
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