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More Apple Parts from iPad Wi-Fi (A1219)
Similar Apple Parts to USB Data Cable (GS17656)
GS17527 - Dock Daughterboard
GS17619 - Volume Lock and Power Assembly
GS17656 - USB Data Cable
GS17723 - Light Sensor Flex Cable
GS17724 - Sim Card Reader with Cable
GS19690 - LVDS Display Cable
GS19691 - 3G Antenna
GS19693 - Wi-FI Antenna
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Most Popular Apple Parts for iPad Wi-Fi (A1219)
GS17520 - Power Adapter
GS17554 - USB Power Adapter
GS17724 - Sim Card Reader with Cable
GS21247 - Sim Card Tray
GS212431 - Logic Board (16GB, AT&T)
GS21261 - Antenna Cable, Wireless
GS21241 - Speaker Assembly
GS19694 - Logic Board 64GB
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