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More Apple Parts from iPad Wi-Fi (A1219)
GS17520 - Power Adapter
GS17525 - Battery
GS175261 - Main Logic Board 64GB
GS1752611 - Logic Board 32GB
GS1752612 - Logic Board, 16GB 3G
GS17526120 - Logic Board, 32GB WiFi
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Similar Apple Parts to Power Adapter (GS17520)
GS17520 - Power Adapter
GS17545 - Screw Set
GS17678 - Volume Rocker Button
GS17679 - Hold Button
GS17722 - 3G Module
GS17994 - Mute Orientation Lock Switch
GS17995 - Microphone Assembly
GS17996 - Volume Rocker
GS17997 - Screw Set
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Most Popular Apple Parts for iPad Wi-Fi (A1219)
GS17986 - Digitizer Glass
GS17520 - Power Adapter
GS18004 - LCD Display
GS17990 - Logic Board (16GB)
GS179861 - Digitizer Glass (White)
GS17999 - Back Case (16GB)
GS179901 - Logic Board (32GB)
GS17724 - Sim Card Reader with Cable
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