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More Apple Parts from iPad Wi-Fi/CDMA 3rd Gen (A1403)
GS220907 - Back Case (16GB, Verizon)
GS220908 - Back Case (32GB, Verizon)
GS220909 - Back Case (64GB, Verizon)
GS22095 - Battery
GS22096 - Screw Set
GS220972 - Daughterboard
GS22098 - EMI Shield Kit
GS220997 - Logic Board (16GB, Verizon)
GS220998 - Logic Board (32GB, Verizon)
GS220999 - Logic Board (64GB, Verizon)
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Most Popular Apple Parts for iPad Wi-Fi/CDMA 3rd Gen (A1403)
GS22101 - Sim Card Tray
GS22102 - Glass and Digitizer
GS22110 - Microphone Assembly
GS22104 - LCD
GS22103 - Glass and Digitizer (White)
GS22095 - Battery
GS22100 - Dock Connector Cable
GS22105 - Wi-Fi Antenna
GS22108 - Volume Lock and Hold Assembly
GS22107 - Speaker Assembly
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