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hi-Fun hi-Ring Bluetooth - Red

This product has been discontinued.

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This Product is Unavailable.
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Manufacturer Part #: HFHIRINGBLT-RD
UPC: 8033844132646
Brand: Hi-Fun
Product Description:
hi-Ring Bluetooth is the handset that takes you back to the 60s. Thanks to its soft touch material combined to its retrņ design it returns you the feelings of the past. The Bluetooth technology allows you to talk without any wire.
Compatible with all devices with Bluetooth technology. Eliminates over 99% of absorbed phone radiation.

About hi-Fun

hi-Fun is a company, started-up by four young Italian entrepreneurs inspired by the love of music, and constantly traveling for work between the United States and China.

Our love of music, and its constant presence in our lives has always been a source of inspiration and joy. The concept of hi-Fun is therefore built on the objective of bringing your music with you wherever you go, being able to listen to your music wherever you are. Hi-Fun is music for you: for when you travel, for your commute, for your well-being. Think about a long wait at Charles de Gaulle de Paris, or a cold Berlin train platform, or the long passageways that connect Washington's International Airport to the domestic flights for New York. Picture yourself waiting or walking in that noisy hassle, surrounded by a cacophony of voices, press Pause on the outside interference and then press play to hear only your favorite music. Is an iPod enough to provide this experience? An iPod is nice but often not enough.

hi-Fun creates accessories that render listening to music an even more original, and multi-sensorial experience. With hi-Sleep, listening to music becomes the prelude to a dream you can experience anywhere and anytime by comfortably leaning your head on a soft pillow. With hi-Bomb, it becomes an ensemble of notes and melodies to share with others. While hi-Brick brings back childhood memories in the shape of a familiar toy. After our initial inspiration, we found ourselves on the phone to Chinese industrialists Jon Wu and Mr. Miaghi, with whom we would never have anticipated conversing about music, talking about how to merge speakers and headsets with everyday wear, Italian design and fashion. Merging our post-modern need for continuous music with their technical experience in continuous production, hi-Fun has become a reality.

Let hi-Fun play the soundtrack to your life!
Compatible With: See Compatibility List
Suggested Items for Installation: N/A
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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