Screen flickering - Powerbook 145b
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Author:  awisniewski [ Wed Nov 24, 2004 12:35 am ]
Post subject:  Screen flickering - Powerbook 145b


I've recently bought two old powerbooks, 145b model to use a writing computer. I'd only been using one as a writing computer and the other as a spare parts for the future. Till recently they both worked fine then all of a sudden the one developed what i'd describe as some shadowing on areas of the screen and certain areas of the screen then developed vertical bars of unfocused display.

I open up the first laptop and checked the cable connections, put the screws back in and tried again. No change so I then opened up the computer again and unplugged the cables and check for a clean connection surface. Reinstalled the cables and no change.

So I started using the other laptop which is the same model, worked fine for a few days. This laptop has always had an issue with the display taking 10 minutes to fully warm up, during the
warm-ups the display was fairly white washed. So I got over that,
but now this laptop has developed the same issues as the other one. The screen is just unreadable in vertical stripes, 1 inch wide.

I checked the cables on this laptop but also no change. Jiggling
all the cables and connectors with the computer powered on makes no effect either.

I enjoy using this laptop, it has great charter. I hope I can repair it.
Are there any things I can try or do to troubleshoot / fix this?


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