G3 Wallstreet charges one battery, not the other
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Author:  richardmid [ Wed Sep 20, 2006 1:30 am ]
Post subject:  G3 Wallstreet charges one battery, not the other

PB G3 Wallstreet 233, OS9.1

I have an original Apple battery that still charges normally in either battery bay of the PB, and the PB is able to power up and run from that battery. However, a second, brand new, third-party battery will not charge. The OS recognizes when this battery is installed or removed, but unlike the Apple battery, no "lightning bolt" symbol appears for it when the AC is plugged in.

Based on earlier threads on this forum, I would have guesed the power/charge card had failed or had a faulty contact. HOWEVER, the PB works perfectly well with the older battery, whether charging it or running from it. This leads me to believe that the PB is fine, and something's up with either the third-party battery, or the connection between it and the PB. But that's equally puzzling, as this type of battery worked perfectly well with the PB for nearly a year, and now all of a sudden things are wonky, even with a new replacement.

Again, the Apple battery functions normally in either bay, the other does not.

Any thoughts?

Further info that may help:
- Have done "hard reset" of system to reset PMU -- no effect.
- Have used Battery Reset 2.0 multiple times on the new battery -- no effect.
- The new battery shows absolutely no charge when test button pressed.

A little background:
The third-party battery is a new replacement of a year-old battery that had been working fine for nearly a year. The other day, I let the machine run itself down to practically nothing with both the Apple and third-party batteries installed. I plugged in the AC overnight to charge them, and when I woke it up, I noticed that the third-party battery had not charged at all (but the Apple had). Naturally, I assumed the third-party battery had failed. I was able to get a warranty replacement from the vendor, but alas, the new replacement is behaving in exactly the same way.

Interestingly, after doing a Battery Reset on the older Apple battery (the one that's working), its capacity now reads as approx. 3.5 hours (with the brightness on the lowest setting). Not bad for an old battery!

THANKS for any insights you can offer.

Richard M., Seattle WA

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