Hotrod help on 3400c
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Author:  conceptguy [ Tue Jan 24, 2006 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Hotrod help on 3400c

Well I have these old 3400 powerbooks. From 180 to 240's. And a nasty habit of trying to fix things that aren't broke. :wink:

SO, I have been collecting information on the construction on these old trusty laptops, with the intention of doing everything I can to boost them far beyond their original design.

My main trouble is trying to figure out how to boost the RAM capability of the machine. I need someone who knows old ram etc. I think the 16mb onboard could be replaced with 32MB, as they did so with the 3500. Maybe more, but I am unsure if they ever made chips in that form factor at 8mb in size.

And perhaps I could replace each chip on the ram expansion card with chips of double the size. Maybe there is some other way to make use of the on-board chip locations, or 2 tier the ram expansion cards. BUT I NEED SOMEONE WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH RAM ETC TO HELP FIGURE IT OUT!!

Is there anyone here that intimately knows the logic board components of the 3400? Is the 144MB limit simply a hardware limitation due to design limitations, will the system recognize more if it was present???

The rest of the stuff should be easy. Overclocking by crystals is simple. I have an extra small fan & aluminum heatsink for the soon-to-be-hotter cpu, but really want to figure out a way to boost the memory so I can shoehorn OSX into it with Xpostfacto. :twisted:

I have a place I can pull chips of dead laptop & pc boards, ram sticks etc, but have no direction to take, or know what to get.

Anyone who has any ideas or who would like to take part in this little make-work project, please join in!

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