Horrible patterns on PBG4 DVI screen
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Author:  Hogster [ Fri Apr 15, 2005 6:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Horrible patterns on PBG4 DVI screen

Hi guys,

My poor Powerbook has had quite a life. I've had it since the summer of 2002. For the next two years up until the summer of 2004, I took it into school every day (I was in the Sixth Form). I think it was in the second year of owning it, the laptop was badly damaged whilst I was away having my lunch (I had left the laptop in a Targus rucksack in a classroom). Fortunately the repair was covered by insurance, but the keyboard, trackpad, optical drive, top case, main case, and bottom case had to be replaced.

A year or so later, the motherboard failed for no apparent reason whatsoever, although I suspect it was due to the damage sustained the previous year ... I had to shell out £700+ of my own money to get it replaced.

Then the hard disk started making funny noises so I replaced it with a 60GB Hitachi drive (replaced the original 30GB). A couple of months later that one started making funny sounds so I sent it back to Hitachi and got a refurbished replacement.

Most recently (within the last few months), the screen (the original screen I may add - it wasn't replaced after the laptop got damaged at school) has started flickering every now and then. Then it got to the stage where often when I woke the laptop up from sleep every morning the screen would be permanently flickery untli I pressed firmly around the upper edge of the laptop (between the screen and the keyboard). After a few pushes here and there it'd right itself for the rest of the time I would use it. This evening it got so bad that even with hard pressing around the upper area of the laptop the picture would only just come back onto the screen. Having been a bit fed up with this continuing to happen I opened up the underneath of the laptop (using suitable anti-static precautions) and had a little look/poke around the area where the wires come into the laptop body from the screen. I couldn't see anything obviously amiss, so having pushed and wiggled some of the visible correctors to ensure sound connections, I put it back together. However, now I can't get a clean picture to appear of the screen AT ALL!! :( :shock:

I've tried feeding the DVI output signal through a projector and that comes out alright, so I reckon it's something physical with the screen. Here's what the feed to the projector looks like, and below is what that projected image looks like on the screen.


Whilst I had the laptop apart, I noticed that the wires that go into the screen actually turn/rotate inside the screen itself, not inside the main laptop case. If any wires have fractured, it's likely to be inside the screen isn't it? Real bummer that ... :mad: I notice there are four screws on the side of the screen - does that mean it can be easily taken apart? I've read that some PB screens are glued together making disassembly very difficult nay impossible ....

Oh, two other things I must add:

Firstly, when I restart, the dark grey apple on the grey background seems pretty much perfect, except for the fact that it's still bouncing around, and the grey background is pulsing different shades of grey. Unless it's something about this particular picture that makes it appear alright, then perhaps there isn't anything wrong with the screen ...?


See how 'alright' it looks? If it wasn't for the flickery bouncing tendancy of the Apple (and squiggly loading thing), and the pulsating background, everything would appear to be fine! Yet, alas, it isn't.

That leads me into my second point of questionning why pressing down on the upper edges of the LAPTOP itself (not the screen) fixed the problem? Surely if the wires had fractured inside the screen's casing then pressing on the laptop body itself shouldn't make any difference? Perhaps the motherboard's on its way out .... AGAIN. :mad: :shock:

Having had to spend an EXTRA £700 on a new motherboard, ON TOP of the original £2200 price tag, I really don't want to shell out another £800 on a new screen ... or £700 on ANOTHER motherboard!!!

Any replies are most appreciated. :)

Edit: Just made this movie for you - sorry for the low quality, it was taken with my digital stills camera and then compressed! The key command I do is Apple N, which opens my home folder.

Short movie

Quicktime is required

Another thing I've noticed is that if the screen has gone to sleep (with the PB on), for a fraction of a second after I wake it up by moving the mouse of pressing a button, I can see what the screen is meant to be displaying .... but it's only for a very short period of time ....

Author:  powerbookmedic [ Tue Jun 21, 2005 9:56 am ]
Post subject: 

You will likely need to replace the display. I'd check to see if it works on an external monitor before doing this however to rule out the logic board. Otherwise, displays are available from our online store.


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