Using a "Just Cooler" PC MCIA Fan on a Wallstreet
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Author:  cmwhitejr [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Using a "Just Cooler" PC MCIA Fan on a Wallstreet

Greetings. I upgraded my Wallstreet with a Sonnet Crescendo/WS G4 500 MHz card with 512 MB RAM and it is now running incredibly hot with lots of freezes, etc using OS 9.2. My solution was to buy a "Just Cooler" Fan that plugs into either the upper or lower PC MCIA slot.

When I plugged the fan in the card slot, it immediately started up which seemed like good news . . . until my Wallstreet put up a dialogue box saying that the card was not recognized and asked if I would like to "initialize it" as a 16MB drive. Hitting "cancel" ejects the fan from the card slot - hitting "continue" and the initialization is unsuccessful and the fan is ejected.

Does anyone know of a way to modify preferences in OS 9 to allow this card (fan) to stay in with power but remain unread? Or is there a hardware modification that I could make to the card so that power is maintained to the card (fan) but without anything else?

Author:  cmwhitejr [ Wed Jul 13, 2005 5:44 am ]
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Update on PC MICA "Just Cooler" Fan. I found a way (not a pretty way mind you) to run the "Just Cooler" Fan in OS 9.2.

After start-up, plug in the fan and before the "Disk Initialization" Dialogue Box appears, hold down the function key (fn) and swipe a finger back and forth down the F1 through F12 keys. A couple of dialogue boxes related to this action will appear that can be quickly canceled, however once this is done the fan runs continuously, will shut off when the computer is put to sleep, & re-start upon wake up.

In an effort to isolate the fix, I tried the above hitting only one "F_" key and the "fn" key for all F1 - F12. No such luck - disk initialization dialogue box appeared each time. Next I'll try two or three key combos and will post when I have found a "cleaner" solution.

By the way, I really like this fan . . . keeps the processor very cool, fewer heat-related crashes, & increased processor speeds.

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