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 Post subject: Should I call time of death??
PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:45 pm 

Joined: Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:30 pm
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So I've had this nice 15" macbook pro for over 3 years now.. it's served me well and i use it constantly.. its been dropped a couple of times in its life, but always seemed to come out of it okay... recently I started to notice a unpleasant grinding noise if it was on anything but a perfectly even surface (even having the power cord under it would do it) and i figured the case might be nipping the outer case of the HD. I've kinda put it on my.."hmm better get key files off of that!" list for a bit and was waiting to see how things went...

then the other night I was working away and went to gesture something to my wife and BLOP! There goes my beer... a down soldier, with a splash of the good stuff across my keyboard and track pad. I quickly powered it off, removed the battery, turned it over and toweled it off. I left it upside down and went to bed cursing myself. Totally a sip at most that went on it, but not good.

Next morning, it still booted! I got the last of the files i needed off of it, and poked around to see how it was doing.. I was able to bootcamp to windows and then reboot to osX... 'wow!" i thought... "this thing is awesome! it likes beer!!"

Then i noticed a number of keys on my keyboard would create an "n" on their own.. Hitting y would give you yn... k = kn.. etc..
I tried the M key,.. that worked.. i tried the n key.. it worked.. once.. Now, there's no n. I don't get the duplicate keys anymore, just no n at all.. Hrmmm... maybe my mac doesn't like beer so much... I powered down and removed battery and let it sit for a few hours...

later, i tried booting again and got a blinking grey globe. I did have a network cable plugged in at the time, so i thought perhaps something went south on that and it was trying to boot from a network device. Unplugged the cable, same result... I held down the option key and i was able to get bootcamps pick a OS interface, and then able to boot to OSX where things worked okay except for the N key...

today, i popped the N key off in hopes of a cleaning perhaps helping.. its about as dirty as you'd expect a 3yr old well loved notebook to be, but the dimple thing still depressed and popped just fine.. making me think somthing deeper and electronic is wrong.. I goto do my bootcamp trick to test if N is anybetter... now no workie..

so now it just boots to the blinking grey globe and sits there no matter what i do.

I'm obviously sad for my fallen comrade, frustrated with myself, and I miss that beer.

I'm just trying to figure out what to do with it. Money is tight right now and a new notebook isn't on santa's list. I can live without alright, might be good for my family life, the desktop imac in the basement works great... of course, its in the basement.. but...

I guess the real question here is should i bother? I can go about pulling off the top case and seeing if theres any sticky mass of hop laden goo to wipe up, but if the keyboard is jacked, and the logic board is funky, and the hard drive was already throwing up warning signs... what do i really have here.. and LCD?

I know i can buy parts here, but it looks like if i even want to just replace the keyboard and trackpad I;m gonna drop the better part of $400. I could get one of those new tiny useless email cehcking puters for a bit more, and I wouldnt be waiting for the next part to die...

apologies for the open ended subjective question, but its what im wrestling with...
thanks in advance.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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