Macbook Pro 17" Keyboard Replacement
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Author:  taloen [ Thu Apr 17, 2008 4:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Macbook Pro 17" Keyboard Replacement

I'm wanting to replace the keyboard in my MBP; I had a very minor coffee spill (black coffee, and about a spoonful worth) and I'm sure it would be used to void my Applecare.

My function key is behaving erratically due to high use, and I can't really get it fixed by Apple without first taking care of the excuse they'd use to void my Applecare. Sigh.

Here are my two questions:

#1: Are the PowerbookMedic replacement keyboards official Apple products?

#2: If I replace just the keyboard, will there be a way for their techs to reliably identify that I've done so?

My model is a Macbook Pro 17", from the revision that was active in late 2007.

Thanks for your time!

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