Powerbook Logic board or somethign else?
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Author:  fess [ Mon Sep 12, 2005 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  Powerbook Logic board or somethign else?

Hi, I have the 1.25G 15" powerbook.

It recently started freezing up, and sometimes not booting.
when it wouldn't boot I would have to use a cd and startup disk to select the drive again. I looked in the log and saw a lot of "I/O error" messages, occuring at the times when the machine would hang.

So, i thought it was the drive. I replaced the drive with a new one, and I had the same problems, with increasing frequency, until I can no longer access the drive.

I purchased a firewire case for the original drive, and ran the laptop off of it for several days just to prove that even the original drive wasn't bad. I even did continuous filesystem copies for 24 hours. It continued to work just fine.

Does this mean my ide controller, and therefore my logic board is bad? How would I confirm the problem, and do I have any other options besides an ~$800.00 logic board?



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