iPod Mini resurrection horrors
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Author:  Guest [ Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:18 am ]
Post subject:  iPod Mini resurrection horrors

So I have an iPod mini (2nd gen, I believe) and it had been failing on me repeatedly to the point I quit using it for a while. Recently I ran across a blog detailing how to replace the internal harddrive with a CF card. I took the opportunity to try this out, so I ordered an 8GB SanDisk Extreme III CF card (not here), and a new iPod Mini battery replacement kit (from powerbookmedic.com). Before I opened up my iPod, it would not turn on, would not boot, would not light up, would not take a charge or acknowledge anything, would not reset nor mount. It was, effectively, a total paperweight. This leads me to believe that the battery is completely dead and I was right in ordering a replacement.
My CF card arrived, and I carefully(!) followed the procedure to disassemble my Pod. I successfully extracted the old harddrive, replacing it with the CF with no issue. Attempting to plug in the iPod now resulted in...nothing much. Battery still as dead as before. Later that week, my battery arrived. Replaced the battery with no issue, placed iPod on USB wire hooked to USB/AC adapter. To my delight, the screen indicated it was charging. I left it for the better part of the day, about 5-6 hours. Curiously, the battery indicator had not shown any increase in overall charge, nor did it ever at any point indicate "charging complete." At this point I plugged it into my computer and immediately it was recognized by the machine, albeit as a "Removable disk" and granted a drive letter. (L:, if it matters.) Opening iTunes immediately brought up the Restore dialog, and so I did. iTunes successfully restored the software to the new CF card/hd, even so far as to allow a new name to be written to it. So far so good, right? Between restoring the iPod and syncing, however, I spent the span of a couple of hours erasing and rebuilding/trimming my playlist while the ipod was hooked up to the computer. When my playlist was ready to be synced, I get one of two errors: Disk not found or drive not found.
At this point the iPod's internal OS still appears to be working, but attempts to re-mount the drive fail, with windows giving the error message that the device has malfunctioned and is not recognized. The battery indicator showed an empty battery (no charge?) but not blinking. After several unsuccessful attempts to reset the iPod (iPod appeared to reset, showed the apple logo, but no resolution of the error) I removed it from the computer and put it back on the AC charger. This time there was no indication that the battery was charging or, indeed, noticed that it was plugged in. This morning, the iPod won't boot, isn't seen by my computer, and attempting to turn it on results in a very brief flicker of light from the screen backlight, but no display on the LCD at all.

What next?

Author:  justin-pbmedic [ Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: iPod Mini resurrection horrors

if you have a firewire cable or a wall wart charger, i would try that. you should get something on the screen, even if its an error.

if you don't, it is most likely a logic board problem.

Author:  Bactchan [ Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: iPod Mini resurrection horrors

No FireWire, but I have a USB-to-Wall Wart adapter. Using that I get the large, still battery symbol for a few seconds, then nothing. Logic board, you say? I notice this site doesn't sell replacement logic boards.

Author:  justin-pbmedic [ Mon Jan 12, 2009 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: iPod Mini resurrection horrors

Yea, we haven't carried any of those boards for a year or so.

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