Pismo Firewire Port Problem
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Author:  olgndad [ Fri Jul 23, 2004 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Pismo Firewire Port Problem

I have a Firewire (Pismo) Powerbook. I also have two external 2.5" FW enclosures with Laptop HD's installed. They work well with my G4 desktop and my wife's Dual-USB iBook. They do not work with the Pismo nor will they work with two friend's Pismos. All of the Pismo's work properly in Target mode and With other powered Firewire drives (3.5").

All the external devices supposedly have Oxford 911 chipsets. The 2.5" drives are rated at 500MA & 750MA current draw. The drives spin-up & display proper LED status indications. They just will not mount. Use of external Power with the Laptop enclosures has no impact.

All computers are running "Panther" & 9.2.2. I get the same results in both Systems.

My Question is: Is this a device specific problem.? i.e. would some other 2.5"FW enclosure probably work, or, is this a characteristic of Pismo Laptops Firewire ports?

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