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 Post subject: HD is not recognized, plus assorted Q's...
PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2004 10:42 am 

Joined: Sun Jan 18, 2004 10:31 am
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hi all, I am a new member, I am self sufficient with regards to getting my hands dirty with mac's, but I am stumped here.

Last night, I was looking at some pics on a sandisk CF reader, using picviewer 1st, photoshop 2nd, the pismo froze both times, upon starting up the 3rd time, I get a ? folder, my HD is not being recognized. So my 1st question is how do I resolve this???

I am using an older hard drive today, that is how I'm here. My ram and everything is fine (i guess), but I did the apple hardware test, I have a "ata4/1/2" error.

I need a new keyboard, so I am using a USB KB right now, can I hold down the C key to boot from a CD? It seems that the HD starts to spool up BEFORE extensions (including USB) are read, so I cannot boot from a CD. Man am I screwed. LOL

I would be happy to listen to any advice, really what I need to do is get the right HD mounted again. Thanks for reading!

Rick Nelson

 Post subject: I got the same problem
PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, 2004 5:07 am 

You know, actually I've got the same problem. I changed my Pismo's hard drive thinking it was the problem source, nonetheless, the ? folder icon appeared again; the HD hasn't been mounted yet and although I boot the computer from a Mac OS CD, that doesn't seem to work.

The happy thing is that I'm not the only one with this trouble. If you get the way to fix it, please let me know.



 Post subject: Several things to try
PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 7:16 pm 
First let me say that I don't know if these things will help the problems you are discribing since I can't get any details from you over this form. So I am going to just throw a lot of things out there for you to try.

The ? in the boot screen can be a hard drive issue. But it is also an issue where OS 9 (or any classic OS) and OS X compete with each other. What I am discribing happens when 1, the hard drive needs to be scanned, and 2 Classic crashes the mac, or was accidently set as the boot disk.

How to keep it from happening? run Disk Utility from the CD from time to time. Also, DO NOT move the System Folder for OS 9 from where you found it. Generally it, and the Applications Folder (mac os 9) both need to be in Macintosh HD, right as you open it, not inside another folder.


to fix this problem, you are going to need an OS 9 CD and an OS X CD. It also helps to have an AppleCare CD.

to boot from a CD, put it in the CD-ROM and restart the computer, holding down C the entire time the computer boots.

With any luck, you will see Macintosh HD right there on the desktop. If you do, click on the Apple Menu, go to Control Panel, and Startup Disk (if you don't, just go to the next step). Select OS X as the Start up Disk. Now restart the computer with the OS X CD in the CD-ROM and boot from it. When it is ready to install, click on the "Installer" Menu, click on Disk Utility and Scan your Hard Drive for Errors. It will probably find a few. Once it Fixes the errors, restart, and you should be Back

If you didn't see the Macintosh HD on your desktop from the OS 9 CD, you're Hard Drive has some serious errors that keeps it from mounting. This problem requires a GOOD disk repair software. If you have Norton System Utilities, or the Apple Care CD, you are in luck. You can boot from these and scan the Hard Drive for errors, and you should be back up and running in no time. If you are not so lucky, here are a few more things to try:

Get the OS X CD and Boot from it. When booted, go to the Installer Menu, and click on Disk Utility.

Depending on what OS X you have will depend on what you do next. Since I am doing all of this from memory, I cannot tell you exactly what to do. But the Short answer is to Scan and Repair your Hard Drives. Then you will open the Startup Disk Utility from the Menu Bar and reset your Startup Disk to OS X.

To the left of Disk Utility, you should see the hard drive icon. If you don't, you can look through the menu's to see if there is an option that will allow you to mount the Drives. once you do that, you should see the Macintosh HD listed under the icon.

Then the options to scan the drive should appear on the main part of the window. Scan it. Repair it. Go the the Disk Utility Menu and select Start up disk if you have it there. If you don't, you will have to repeat the first half of FIRST STEP above, where you set the start up disk from OS 9 CD. Select OS X and you should be on your way.

SOOO, if any of this worked, you will want to be SURE that this doesn't happen again. Like mentioned above, if you have OS 9 installed on your computer, put it in the right place, in the very main part of the Hard Drive. you should see Macintosh HD on your desktop, when you open it, you should see System Folder and Applications (Mac OS 9) along with System, Users, Library, and Applications. Don't mess with these folders ever, they are there for a reason.

Good Luck.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 10:02 pm 

Joined: Fri Mar 26, 2004 7:08 pm
Posts: 38
Just glanced at the messages and had to reply to one thing so far, I run a Macally USB key board and it will boot the CD while holding the C key down! Are you sure the CD ROM is OK? Or even the CD drive? Also when I upgraded my HD I also bought a external firewire case for the old HD and used carbon copy cloner to copy my old drive to the new drive! Because I already partitioned my old drive I had to drag to OS 9 items to the partition I set for the new drive, carbon copy cloner won’t transfer OS 9 if it is on a different drive or partition, but did a great job on 10.2.8!

The ? when booting usually means it can not find a valid system folder to boot to, if you wait long enough with the OS X disk in the CD drive it should boot from that, at least it does with mine!

If you bought your Pimso second hand, does it have a bootable CD drive, I had to buy a second hand drive for mine cause the person I picked mine up form installed a DVD/CDR drive and it would not boot from that drive while holding the C key down!

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