Display brightness differences?
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Author:  cfreire [ Wed Aug 24, 2005 10:59 am ]
Post subject:  Display brightness differences?

Hi all--

I have totally subjective question that probably cannot really be answered by anything other than a roll of the dice.

I love my Pismo. Upgraded it to a Daystar G4/550 a year ago, maxed out the RAM, replaced the burned out CD/DVD drive with a CDRW/DVD drive, and upgraded to a faster, bigger hard drive. One thing that has been bugging me, though, is the display. It bugs me especially (mainly?) because it is not as bright as the display on my ThinkPad.

Now, I know the ThinkPad is about three or four years newer model-wise, and hence has a newer display that takes advantage of the changes in TFT technology that occurred during that period. My quest could be pointless, but nonetheless I wonder with increasing frequency if replacing my display might get me a brighter screen for the Pismo.

My question, then, is whether or not anyone who has seen a lot of Pismo displays has noticed if there really is a broad range of variation in the brightness of them? Second, I wonder if anyone reading this who HAS replaced their display in recent (last 12 months) times has noticed that the newer display on the whole is brighter than the older one.

Oy, oy, oy . . . so many qualifications could and should really be added to all that. I know this is all subjective so please don't pick this apart with a lot of technical quibbles. I'm just looking for general impressions here, as I'm debating forking over the money for a new display just to see if it makes a difference. I suppose I really should more closely into the technical specs for the Pismo display and for my ThinkPad--could be there are technical limits on what each can produce, no?

Rambling, but still looking for hints and direction. . .


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