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TPU Case Set for iPod touch (4th) Green

This product has been discontinued.

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Manufacturer Part #: TR-TPUTC4-GR/EN
UPC: 885382002756
Brand: Simplism Japan
Product Description:
"Protect your iPod touch in style"

Simplism TPU Case Set for iPod touch (4th) is the set of TPU case and film that protects your iPod touch. TPU makes the case almost unnoticeable, while it is impact, so that you can take iPod touch with you safety. Vivid and fancy 6 colors makes your iPod touch (4th) big change.

"User-friendly design"

Direct access to all buttons and connectors including audio jack, volume control, ring/silent, sleep/wake, sound on/off button and dock connector without removing from the case. Speaker at the bottom is also uncovered.

The window is widely opened for a multi-touch display. The protector film in the kit guards the display without loosing smooth controls.

There is a strap hole bottom behind of case that original iPod touch does not provide. Customize your iPod touch by putting your favorite strap.

"Lasting clean look"

TPU is known for its durability and rubber elasticity, but it is also known for discoloration over the period of time. To avoid this, we have mixied special additives to TPU and the color and shiny look remains the same. TPU has some elasticity but it does not stretch as much and firmly protects iPod.

The thinest part of this TPU case is 1mm and other parts such as corners and strap holes that need durability is made thicker.

"Complete transparency film"

Crystal Clear Display Protector Film in the set is very clear and practically invisible. It keeps clear view without affecting the brightness and the contrast of display. The PET material film with adequate thickness makes it easier to apply.

Japan-made hard-coat protector film is adopted to minimize the interference fringe for the display.

Conventional Display Film was made with several hard coating layers which resulted in having the interference fringe. Simplism TPU case Set for iPod touch includes new Japan-made durable film which has less interference fringe.

"Stay away from air bubbles with 3 items "

This kit contains 3 items to make film application easier than ever with better result; Microfiber cleaning cloth, dust-removing tape and leveler. Before applying the film, use microfiber cloth and the dust-removing tape to remove any dust or fingerprint on the surface. After you apply the film squeeze out the air bubble with your finger or a leveler in the kit.

"Protect Dock connector"

Dock connector is repeatedly used with charging or sync and you can protect it with a little cover that comes in this set. Dock connector cover will protect dock connector from dust and damages.

Dock connector cover has a little strap which comes in the same color as the silicone case. You can attach the strap behind the case so that you don't lose it.

Dock connector cover is only made to protect the dock connector. Please do not try to hang your iPod touch with this connector since it cannot hold iPod touch.

"Handy Cable Clip"

Wave shaped Cable Clip in the kit can help to organize excess cable. You can clip to your bag or pocket at your best position.
Compatible With: See Compatibility List
Suggested Items for Installation: N/A
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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