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SportShell Convertible for iPod touch 4G Black

This product has been discontinued.

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Manufacturer Part #: 602956007005
UPC: 602956007005
Brand: Marware
Product Description:
The SportShell ConvertibleTM for iPod touch 4G delivers 4-cases-in-1, and offers you the best of many different case styles in a single product. This versatile, elegant, and cross-functional design offers you: a hard, thin shell case with no belt clip, an armband case, a clip case, and a tabletop stand case–all at a single price, in a single product. By utilizing a patent-pending parts system with a quick-release/quick-attach armband design, this case is able to offer a solution for any carrying style you prefer–pocket, belt, purse, or armband.

Here’s how it works: It all starts with a polycarbonate 3-piece shell design that offers scratch and impact protection. The back piece is interchangeable – included is a flat piece for a slim case that works great for pocket/purse carry, and also included is a separate swappable piece with a clip that works great for belt/armband usage.

Included with the SportShell Convertible is a comfortable, reflective, and adjustable armband. The iPod touch simply clips on to the armband when the belt clip back piece is in use. By clipping to the armband (instead of requiring you to insert the iPod into an armband pouch), this provides an easy quick-release/quick attach solution that other armbands don’t offer. The secure, rotating clip also works great with a belt, purse, bag, or strap. This same clip locks into “open” position so your iPod can stand horizontally or vertically on a flat surface. This makes for an ideal hands-free FaceTime solution. All of this without major sacrifices to form factor, functionality, or aesthetics. You no longer need to purchase multiple cases for your iPod touch–the SportShell Convertible offers a total 4-in-1 case solution at a reasonable price.
Compatible With: See Compatibility List
Suggested Items for Installation: N/A
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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