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Musik USB Speaker No AC adaptor

This product has been discontinued.

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This Product is Unavailable.
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Manufacturer Part #: SA110B
UPC: 682552892007
Brand: Palo Alto Audio Design
Product Description:
Ideal Partner for your Mac or PC
The modern silver and white casing looks great next to any computer and quickly brightens its surroundings. Regardless of your computer audio performance level, musik delivers incredible sound clarity. musik‘s cute, curvy exterior and hi-tech interior are a perfect match for anyone who loves both style and sound.

This user-friendly USB-powered interface has just one cable for both power and sound. This simplicity reduces cable-clutter and the hassle of a complex connection. By just plugging in this single cable, you are able to hear crystal-clear sound from musik.

Digitally-enhanced Volume
musik’s volume pushes the limits of USB-powered speakers. Its amplification technology is able to digitally boost the volume range to 10 dB higher than other USB-powered speakers.

Crystal Clear Sound
The main high-tech component behind musik‘s crisp sound quality is an audio amplifier circuit that utilizes full-digital amplification technology.

This innovative method amplifies a digital audio signal without converting the signal to analog. Furthermore, the audio signal is sent from the computer to the speaker through a digital USB connection. As the signal is kept in the digital domain until driving the speakers, sound is not degraded by any analog noise.

This combination of a digital connection and digital amplification allows musik to produce crystal-clear sound.
Compatible With: See Compatibility List
Suggested Items for Installation: N/A
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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