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"It's About Time to learn iPhone" is one of the most innovative learning tools anyone has ever created. When Saied, your instructor, shows you how to do something on iPhone, you can then instantly try it on the virtual iPhone that is built into the learning tool - an interactive experience unique to “It’s About Time Products.” From setting it up in iTunes, to using every iPhone application, to helpful tips and tricks - you can become an expert and use iPhone to its full potential. People learn better by trying it out for themselves, not by reading a 300 page manual. "It's About Time to learn iPhone" also features auto-update. Every customer that buys "It's About Time to learn iPhone" will receive a free upgrade through auto-update to "It's About Time to learn iPhone 3G."

...learn iTunes
“It’s About Time to learn iPhone" also teaches you what you need to know about iTunes to get your iPhone up and running. From all your music to TV shows and videos, everything starts with iTunes. iTunes is the application that syncs all of your media onto your iPhone. It’s also an amazing jukebox for your media. You'll have a great time learning iTunes. After Saied teaches you the lessons below, you’ll try it. Yes, even iTunes is interactive.

Click to Learn
• Select any feature and Saied will teach it to you

You Try
• Explore each lesson for yourself with the Virtual iPhone

On Screen Notes
• Follow the notes, step by step

Personal Instructor
• Over 3 hours of teaching

• Learn about iPhone's newest features. Free update to "It's About Time to learn iPhone 3G"

• Sync your contacts, email, bookmarks and media

Tips and Tricks
• Discover all the great little things

Learn all that is iPhone
• Become an iPhone expert

System Requirements:

• Mac OS X 10.4.6 or higher
• Intel 1.83GHZ Core Duo or G4 1.42GHZ or faster
• 512 RAM

• Windows XP SP2 or Vista
• Intel 2.8GHZ Pentium 4 or 1.79GHZ AMD Turion 64 or faster
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It's About Time Products
Compatible With:
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1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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iPhone 3G 16GB MB048LL
iPhone 3G 8GB MB046LL/A
iPhone 4GB MA501LL/A
iPhone 8GB MA712LL/A

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