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Great stylish cover for the iPad mini with special new “IML” (In-Mold-Labeling) technology enabling design patterns to not wear off.

Durable and stylish design patterns for iPad mini
Simplism Floating Pattern Cover Set for iPad mini is a thin clear hard cover that protects your iPad mini from dust and scratches. The design patterns are integrated part of the cover using a high-tech In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology and cannot be scratched off.

Cover it up but still have all access
Direct access to all buttons and connectors including audio jack, volume control, ring/silent, sleep/wake, power on/off, and lightning connector. No need to remove the case. The display is protected with the protector film included in the set.
The durable ultra-thin cover provides a great grip and comfortable usability. Using specially engineered molding, the back of the cover is seamless and offers a beautiful finish.

Complete transparency
The Japan made Crystal Clear film is clear and invisible and does not affect t the brightness or contrast of the display. The “PET” material film with adequate thickness makes the film easy to apply.

3 items for easy application of the film
The set comes with 3 items to help make easy application possible.

They are:
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth; Dust-removing Tape; and Leveler.

Before applying the film, use the cleaning cloth and the dust-removing tape to remove any dust or fingerprints on the surface. Let remaining bubbles out with the leveler in the set.

Keep it clean with anti-bacterial protection
Protect iPad mini from germs – you carry it, touch it, sometimes have it close to your face, etc. Whatever you do, the special anti-bacterial coating prevents bacteria 99.9% to keep it clean and safe for you.

Design Patterns to choose from:
The design patterns are integrated in the cover using the latest IML (In-Mold-Labeling) technology and prevents the patterns to get scratched or from wear and tear.

There are Gold and Silver High-gloss Mirror Stripes, Mirror Dots, Raindrops, and Sparkling Lines to choose from. The patterns look as if they are ‘floating’ on top of the cover. Each pattern is unique and brings out more in-style of the latest iPad mini.

Portable Stand
Place your iPad mini either vertically or horizontally with a stand depending on how you would like it positioned. The stand is made with light plastic and can is compact in size. The stand can also be used in either position while the dock cable is connected. There is one display protector film (anti-bacterial/high-gloss) included.
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Simplism Japan
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1 Year PowerbookMedic Warranty
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